Here is what our customers are saying about us.

Caitlin, Thanks so much for all of your help. As I mentioned to Bob, this has been a very nice experience with American Homes. I have been very pleased with every step that has been undertaken with the delivery and set-up of my home. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a successful next year in business.

— Jo Jacques Lafayette, NY

Just wanted to let you know that Pat did a great job today. He, Scott and Bryan are all very wonderful at their work, and a fine reflection of your company.

— Kurt

Hi Frank -

Just wanted to thank you for sending your crew to take care of my house. They replaced all the damaged fascia trim and siding, even looked the house over for any further damage that I might have missed.

As usual, your guys were real friendly, answered my questions and took care of everything. Always a great experience when your guys arrive at my house.

Again, thank you and your staff for all your help.

— Ted Schumacher

We wanted to share our experience and thank Dan and Jeremy, in the Richfield Springs office for their excellent customer service. For about three years now, we have continuously viewed the models as well as models with other company's.

In 1998, we purchased our first single wide with American Homes. We were a young couple starting out with our first home and it can be a scary decision. Our minds were put to ease and we made the purchase. Our home has served us well all these years.

As I said, we have been viewing homes for about three or maybe even four years now, we are looking for a modular. We keep coming back to American Homes. We like the appearances and styles of these homes and standard features that now come with them. More importantly the customer service given by Dan and Jeremy was outstanding. Any time we had questions they were willing to sit down and provide answers. They would review our situation and help us improve it. Everytime we walked in....THEY KNEW OUR NAME.

We are in the process of purchasing our modular, our single wide has proven the quality of the home over the years... what made this year different...

We walked in and Jeremy said..." Today's the day! I know it is! Let me get your paperwork (he didn't ask our name)" Jeremy got our file, we sat with Dan, and Dan agreed today's the day. I have a million and one questions and they answered them all.

Thank you.

— Mike & Marion

I chose American Homes because I could see the homes without being bothered by pushy sales reps. Jeremy was easy going when I decided to sit down and work figures. He let me take my time with my choices and had much knowledge on the process. I was happy with the price and lay out of the home I purchased (the Maine). Thank you.

— Joe C

Our family decided to go with American homes for the following reasons.... First off our initial experience with walking through the door and being greeted by them and their willingness to help and to take their time with us yet they gave us the space we needed to make our decision. We did not feel pressured at all in this decision-making process. The communication was successful and very prompt upon every email or phone call that was exchanged. We appreciated the time that was taken and the time that was spent with us to make changes to the house that we needed to make the home fit for our family. Dan took his time walking us through the financial end of things and helping us to see things more clearly he was very patient and knowledgeable. Our experience with working with Jeremy helped to put our minds at ease with the decisions that we had to make. He took his time with us and even stayed late and they were very friendly and kind even though we were late for our appointment. I know with this recent decision our family will be very happy! We highly recommend using American homes!

— Stacy B.

Bob, Thank you so much for all your help and kindness during the time of us building our new home. I knew I could call you and you would take care of us if we needed you! American Homes is lucky to have you.

— Coleen and Steve Young, Auburn, NY

Caitlin, You certainly went above and beyond to get us into the house we've dreamed of for twenty years. You'll never know just how much it means to us! The hard work and dedication didn't stop there- Your outside crew and inside crew really came through. Chuck and I couldn't be happier with how meticulous they were. Thank you for everything!

— Chuck, Loretta and Victoria Boyce, Cato, NY